[Minecraft]Easy! How to make a zombie trap | Increase your experience efficiency

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However, it’s not very efficient to hunt MOBs wandering around, and it’s a bit risky for beginners to hunt in the Nether.

Therefore, a recommended way to efficiently gain experience points is to use a zombie trap.

This time, we will introduce how to make a zombie trap that even beginners can easily create, so please try making it while following along!


Explanation of the zombie trap mechanism and monster spawners

This time, we will explain briefly the mechanism of the zombie trap we are going to make and the monster spawner. If you just want to see how to make it, you can skip this explanation.

Mechanism of the zombie trap

The zombie trap is an experience point trap created by utilizing a “zombie spawner” found in caves. Zombie spawners continuously spawn zombies indefinitely until destroyed or deactivated.

By gathering the zombies spawned from the spawner in one place and dropping them from a high point, their health can be reduced to a minimum, making it easier for the player to defeat them. The zombie trap serves as a device for this purpose.

Explanation of Monster Spawners


Monster Spawners are generated in places like underground, abandoned mineshafts, and Nether fortresses, depending on the characteristics of the mob. Since we are dealing with zombies this time, let’s look for them in underground caves.

Spawners in caves randomly generate zombies, skeletons, or spiders, but zombies are the most common. Therefore, they are easier to find.

How to find a zombie spawner.

To find a zombie spawner, you’ll first need to explore caves. Spawners are often embedded in walls and can be recognized by walls made of mossy cobblestone instead of regular stone. If you notice an unusual wall, try digging through it to find the spawner.

Alternatively, if you encounter a large number of zombies in one area, there’s a good chance that a zombie spawner is nearby.

Points to Note

You may want to change the position of the monster spawner because the height may not be enough. However, in survival mode, it cannot be retrieved once broken. Even using silk touch will not work. Therefore, please be careful not to accidentally destroy it while trying to move it with a pickaxe.

List of items needed for zombie trap

I have summarized the items needed to make a zombie trap.

First, let’s gather the necessary materials!

ImageItemHow to Obtain
ChestChest x2Wood x8
HopperHopper x2Iron Ingot x1
Chest x1
Water BucketWater BucketBucket x1
Water x1
Soul SandSoul Sand x1Nether Biomes
※Details explained below
KombuKombuOcean biome
IceIceSnowy biome (optional)
SignSign6 same type of planks + 1 stick
Half BlockHalf Block×3 of the same type of planks, stones, or cobblestones, etc.
BlockBlock※Anything is acceptable
Zombie SpawnerZombie SpawnerCave

[How to make] Creating a spawning layer for a zombie trap

Once you have gathered the necessary materials, let’s start building! It’s easy if you follow the steps below.

To smoothly connect the spawning layer and processing layer at the end, it’s helpful to take note of the coordinates of the spawning layer.

Step 1: Create a 9×9 space (spawning layer)

First, create a spawning layer that is 9×9 in size. Build walls to form a square around the spawner, with the spawner at the center.

To make it easier to count, it’s helpful to use a different block, as shown in the image.

Step 2: Dig the ground

Once the walls are built, dig two blocks down from the spawner to create a ground. Mobs will spawn within a range of 2 blocks vertically and 4 blocks horizontally from the spawner.

Step 3: Create a trench

Create a trench along one side. This trench will be used to flow water and carry the mobs to the elevator.

First, dig a trench that is 2 blocks deep for one block wide. Then, create a step by digging an additional block down for 2-3 blocks on the elevator side.

Step 4: Flow the water

Flow water from the front of the square room towards the trench at the back. Simply let the water flow down the front wall.

Also, flow water from the back of the trench towards the elevator to create a flow towards the elevator.

Step 5: Create the entrance to the elevator

Create the entrance to the elevator on the side where you dug deeper. Dig a hole in the wall and install a sign or trapdoor on one side to stop the water flow.

If you have ice, dig one block down and create an ice floor. If not, it’s okay to leave it as it is.

【How to make】Building the Elevator for the Zombie Trap

Next, we will build the elevator portion to move the spawned zombies to a higher position.

Step 1: Digging Upwards

Digging Upwards
This trap is a device that drops zombies from a certain height to reduce their HP to the minimum. Therefore, it is necessary to lift them up to the maximum height. Dig up 25 blocks above ground level, considering the height of the location where you will finish them off with attacks.

Step 2: Water Flow

The falling height is 23 blocks, and we dug up to 25 blocks because zombies are MOBs with a height of 2 blocks. Therefore, dig about 3 blocks to the left from the 23rd block where they fall. After that, dig downwards and let water flow from the 23rd block where they climb up.

Step 3: Creating a Water Source

Water Source
To produce rising bubbles with soul sand, a water source is necessary. Therefore, use kelp to quickly create a water source or place water block by block to create one. Personally, I recommend using kelp since placing water block by block can be quite tedious.

Go back down and plant the kelp. Kelp can be placed on sand, so dig up one block and place sand. Then, grow the kelp on top of the sand and make it into a water source up to the top.

Once everything becomes a water source, break the kelp.

If you replace the sand below with soul sand, bubbles should start to appear.

Step 4: Place a Sign

Once the water source has been turned into an elevator, it’s time to go all the way up.

When you reach the top, place a sign or trapdoor to prevent any unnecessary flow of water.

Also, place signs on the wall where you came up and where the zombies will fall down.

Step 5: Digging Downward

digging down
To drop the zombies that have climbed up, dig down 23 blocks.

After digging 20 blocks, dig sideways for 2-3 blocks for the remaining 3 blocks.

Note that the number of mobs that can be put into a single block is limited, so be careful not to suffocate them by putting too many in one block.

[How to make] Creating the processing layer of the zombie trap

Let’s create the processing layer last.

Step 1: Cover with glass

Finally, for the finishing touch, the area under 20 blocks has become a place for zombies to accumulate.

Therefore, there should be a gap of 2 blocks in height, but if you leave it as it is, the zombies will escape. So let’s close it with glass. You don’t have to use glass, but it’s recommended because you can see the zombies accumulating inside.

Step 2: Install half blocks

Half blocks
With the glass closed, adult zombies won’t escape, but child zombies will. To prevent them from escaping, let’s lay down half blocks.

Step 3: Install a chest

Install a chest to connect to the hopper. Items will accumulate here, so it’s convenient to use a large chest.

Step 4: Install a hopper

Install a hopper underneath the half blocks. With a hopper, you can collect the drops from zombies, such as rotten flesh and equipment, when you defeat them.

[How to make] Operate the Zombie Trap

Finally, connect the spawning and processing layers and tidy up the surroundings to complete the trap.

Step 1: Remove the Spawning Blocks

Remove all torches placed around the spawner area to make it completely dark so that zombies won’t spawn while you’re working.

Once it’s dark and zombies start spawning, your trap is complete.

[Bonus] Tips to Make It More User-Friendly

Now that the device is complete, here are some recommended tips to make it more comfortable to use.

Create an Easy Auto Furnace

Make a simple automatic furnace linked to a chest next to the processing layer to melt iron or gold equipment dropped when you defeat zombies. It’s very useful.

Create an Enchantment Space

One of the main reasons to collect experience points is to enchant items.
Since 30 levels are required to perform a high-level enchantment at once, placing bookshelves and an enchantment table in the processing room will make enchanting more efficient.

[Supplementary] If the Spawner Is at a High Location

Since the spawner is located in a cave, it is usually built underground. However, in some cases, it may be at a shallow depth and 25 blocks may lead to the surface.
In such cases, surround the missing parts with stone walls or other materials to compensate.

If it does reach the surface, it’s fun to watch the flow by placing glass at the top.

Impressions of Using the Zombie Trap

The zombie trap is an experience point trap that even beginners can easily create.
When enchanting, some sort of trap becomes necessary, so it is recommended to first try making a zombie trap.

Collect experience points efficiently and enjoy a comfortable Minecraft life!